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The moonlighting solution for medical professionals

OnCall Staffing helps physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners find flexible medical moonlighting jobs and locum tenens positions that support their lifestyles. With industry-leading pay and no required minimums, OnCall Staffing puts you in control of your schedule.
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Your Complete Solution for Moonlighting and Locum Tenens Jobs.

Custom-built to provide you with full moonlighting support to quickly get you from application to your first paycheck, we work hard to provide a simple and stress-free moonlighting experience.

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Flexible Hours

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No Required Minimum Shifts

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Medical Liability Insurance Included

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How Does OnCall Moonlighting Work?

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OnCall Staffing helps you get started with locum tenens and moonlighting positions in three simple steps:
Step 1: Speak with an OnCall Staffing expert to discuss your goals.
Step 2: We help you get the credentials you need for your desired position.  
Step 3: Pick your shifts and begin working within a flexible schedule that you control.

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A Physician-Owned Company Built by Fellow Moonlighters.

OnCall Staffing was launched over 15 years ago when its founders were in their residency and fellowship. Needing to earn additional income to support their families, but requiring month-to-month flexibility to adapt their moonlighting schedules with other work commitments, OnCall Staffing was born. OnCall partners with residents, fellows, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and attendings to provide flexible moonlighting gigs. Our moonlighters can often double their base salaries with only a few additional shifts a month. And, as a physician-owned company, we understand & accommodate your unique needs.

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Experts in Medical Credentialing

OnCall Staffing has worked with thousands of physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners who have wanted to quickly find moonlighting and locum tenens positions. We know the ins and outs of the credentialing process, and we guide you through each step of the way. Whether you are hoping to add a couple of extra shifts each month or work full-time on a schedule that you create, OnCall Staffing can help. We offer a tailor-made experience that accommodates your preferred level of flexibility, travel, and compensation—all while providing an enhanced level of support. We assign each account to a Chief Medical Officer who is actively practicing medicine. Your CMO is on your side to navigate any issues or problems that may arise. Our goal is to give you control over your schedule without the traditional risks or challenges of moonlighting & locum tenens positions.

Moonlighting and Locum Tenens For Physicians

Physicians should not need to open and run a practice to control their schedules. The power of locum tenens and moonlighting positions can help promote professional satisfaction and prevent burnout for physicians. OnCall is run by doctors just like you. We created OnCall to let you work how we know we like to work—controlling acuity, volume, timing, and scheduling.

Moonlighting and Locum Tenens For Nurse Practictioners

Nursing is a demanding profession that does not always provide a sustainable work/life balance. To take control of their schedules, nurse practicioners can turn to locum tenens positions. The opportunity for extra income from moonlighting is at an all-time high with nurse practictioner staffing shortages.  

Moonlighting & Locum Tenens For Physician Assistants

Take control of your job as a physician assistant with moonlighting and locum tenens positions in your area. We partner you with hospitals and clinics that need extra support, and you choose the shifts that work best for you.

Staffing Support For Hospitals & Practices

Staff burnout creates a vicious cycle of turnover, recruiting, staffing challenges, and more turnover. OnCall Staffing can partner you with moonlighting and locums in your area, providing the staffing power you need and the quality administrative support you deserve. 

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Your moonlighting and locum tenens partner.

Take a moment of your time to reach out, and we will take care of the rest.

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Your Moonlighting And Locum Tenens Partner.

Take a moment of your time to reach out and we will take care of the rest.
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